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Flappy Bird

I think calling out Flappy Bird for alleged theft of intellectual property either shows someone is either a) completely oblivious about mobile games or b) pretending to be. There are hundreds if not thousands of games of questionable origin and Flappy Bird is far from the worst. As another person working on mobile games I […]

You Can’t Get Ye Flag

Good grief did WordPress nag me about updating. For the past four years I have been working in the social/mobile games industry. There have been many times where I’ve planned to update this blog but I never did. At work today I brought up my experience playing the latest Battlefield game and a coworker asked […]

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

This is one of my favorite games. One of the things that has always fascinated me about this game is how the opening sequence is actually the end of the previous game (Devil’s Castle Dracula X Rondo of Blood). It was a great way to re-introduce the series to gamers who might not have played […]


Okay, so I need to come clean on something. A few years ago I produced a poster for a 3D graphics course to advertise our end-of-semester exhibition. I was informed at one point that my poster could be viewed as condescending because it equated student work to blocky Atari games. That’s an understandable point of […]


Welcome to ValuGamer! I plan on using this site to write about old video games and junk food. I will probably not write proper reviews but I will give my impressions on the game/food and answer any questions you might have.