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Category: Nintendo

Famicom Dojo Season 1 DVD

This week I received the Famicom Dojo Season 1 DVD in the mail. Famicom Dojo is a web-based TV show hosted by Vinnk from 4 color rebellion / Rising Stuff and SeanOrange from

Capcom Ads

Last night I scanned in some Capcom video game ads from a few mid-90s comics. Nothing spectacular here but hopefully a nice trip down memory lane.

Game Boy Color Import Music Games

After a brief break I am back to share a couple of Japanese music games. The first game is Macross 7: Ginga no Heart wo Furuwasero!! (Let’s Reveal the Galaxy’s Heart!!) and the second is Dance Dance Revolution GB. Yes, DDR on the Game Boy Color.

Innovation Super 8 for SNES

The Super 8 is an NES/Famicom converter for the SNES distributed by a company called Innovation. It connects to the console’s cartridge slot and supports Super Nintendo*, Super Famicom*, Nintendo, and Famicom games. Inside the device is a piece of electronics commonly referred to as “NES on a chip”.

Game Boy Color PDA

This has to be one of the most inappropriate software titles ever. Combined with the letters “PDA” and a pantsless rodent, the “Touch Boy” sounds like a real winner. The truth is that it’s a fairly innocent piece of unlicensed software… if that even makes sense. Yep, it’s a PDA for the Game Boy Color!