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Sunset Riders into the West

Today we have a nice box scan (from ZoneSega) of the Mega Drive port of Sunset Riders, a.k.a. Leather Slug. I spent the better part of a spring break vacation playing this game and NBA Jam with some friends. If you enjoy games like X-Men, TMNT, Rolling Thunder, or Metal Slug, you will find a […]

Capcom Ads

Last night I scanned in some Capcom video game ads from a few mid-90s comics. Nothing spectacular here but hopefully a nice trip down memory lane.

The Sega 32X, Part 2

Well, here it is. The Sega Killdozer. Look closely and you might see a Sega Genesis model 2 in the photo. Trust me, it’s there. If you happened to own the original model of the Genesis then you could use a special attachment so that it didn’t hang over the edge of the Sega CD. […]

The Sega 32X

Today’s update is brief but I might add to it this evening. More mid-90s Sega stuff to share today courtesy of the Vintage Computing and Gaming blog and the Angry Video Game Nerd.

Sega Holiday Buffet

In the last post I mentioned how Sega won the holidays of 1995 without any specific references. I aim to keep things professional on this website so I felt I should cite my sources. Today we are looking at Sega’s “Holiday Buffet” checklist from 1995. Sega believed — or wanted you to believe — that […]