The Sega 32X, Part 2

by Rory

Sega CD 32X Front

Well, here it is. The Sega Killdozer. Look closely and you might see a Sega Genesis model 2 in the photo. Trust me, it’s there. If you happened to own the original model of the Genesis then you could use a special attachment so that it didn’t hang over the edge of the Sega CD. Yeah, as if this gargantuan system needed additional crap snapped onto it.

Sega 32X

Earlier this year I purchased a 32X from eBay. My 32X was brand new and never opened according to the seller. Having opened it myself I’m pretty sure he was telling the truth.

In the video in my previous post, the Angry Video Game Nerd pointed out how each successive add-on came with its own power adapter. Rather than think of the Sega CD and 32X as “upgrades,” think of them as separate systems that use some of the components of the Genesis to run. Each system daisy chains itself from the Genesis through either the expansion port or video output and eventually finds its way to the TV. It is a complicated process and you’ll really feel a sense of accomplishment once everything is running correctly. It is literally a game in itself.

Sega CD 32X Back

Look at all those serial ports! It’s like the back of an ugly MIDI keyboard. I’d be okay with the 32X requiring its own power adapter if it had an LED light or something. It just sits there. You don’t really know if it’s on unless the games do not display correctly.

Compare this in-store commercial with this TV ad from Japan.

32X Mortal Kombat 2

Mortal Kombat 2 on the 32X is about as close to an arcade port as we ever got in cartridge form. I’d place it just above the SNES version in terms of quality but the regular Genesis version is not too bad.

32X Cartridges

Notice anything strange? The Virtua Racing sticker image is upside down. Rather than correct the problem, Sega decided to just place the sticker upside down as well. This double-negative quick fix means the lower edges of the sticker hang out of the label space. Can’t say I blame ’em.

Supreme Warrior Box Front

Oh boy. Hey everybody, FMV games, they’re the way of the future! I have tried to play Supreme Warrior and I still can’t figure it out. It came with the Sega CD I got from eBay earlier this year. It’s an impressive tech demo for sure but a terrible game.

Supreme Warrior Inside Box

That is a Digital Pictures temporary tattoo on the right.

Supreme Warrior Box Back

Once I find a proper method of recording game footage I will upload some videos of this game and some of the 32X ones. For now, check out this sweet intro.

In the next update we will explore another cartridge-based console expansion. If you have any questions about this or any other post please feel free to contact me via a comment or through Twitter. My Twitter account is linked at the bottom of the page.