Lynx and Turbo Grafx 16 Comic Ads

by Rory

Turbo Grafx 16 Ad

Look at all of those TurboChips™! I will pretend that I was aware of their real name. We have been fortunate to see a large portion of the TG16 library made available on the Virtual Console. I never saw these in stores except for when someone brought one into Software, Etc. to sell. It was always that “system with Bonk” when I was in middle school. 1up’s Retronauts have a great feature on the 20th anniversary of the system as well as an accompanying podcast (Link goes to MP3 file).

Atari Lynx Ad

Only $99.99? That’s not bad a bad deal. In the Game Gear/Game Boy days I always considered the Lynx to be the Cadillac of handheld gaming. I was wrong.

On the other hand, I have admired the system for including an option for left-handed players. It is amazing to me that “flip” mode is available at the press of a button while the plastic instrument games require far too many steps.