Capcom Ads

by Rory

Street Fighter II Contest Ad

Last night I scanned in some Capcom video game ads from a few mid-90s comics. Nothing spectacular here but hopefully a nice trip down memory lane.

While an animation cell would be a cool thing to have, the 10 winners of the first prize got a much better deal. Seriously. My guess is that Capcom figured anyone worthy of a grand prize already owned most of the games. They were probably right.

Street Fighter II Movie Ad

Don’t worry, it’s the animated version. It is a definite improvement over the original, which was produced by running an angry tapeworm through a film projector. The following YouTube video will fill you in on the highlights of the anime SF movie:

Believe me, as a complete production it’s actually very entertaining.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Ad

Cool SFA ad from 1996. The sequel was ported to the SNES (among other systems) later that year. It has some problems with speed but it’s still moderately playable. I’d recommend the other two over that port. The first two Street Fighter Alpha games are available on the PSN Store for $5.99 each if you’re into these games.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons - Eye of the Beholder Ad

Whoa, blast from the past. “The graphics are hotter than you know what.” Okay. Have you played this game? If so, what did you think? It reminds me of the “Gold Box” series from SSI.

Mortal Kombat II Ad

MK2 ad just for fun. Midway expected you to know what was up with this one.