Sunset Riders into the West

by Rory

Sunset Riders Mega Drive Box

Today we have a nice box scan (from ZoneSega) of the Mega Drive port of Sunset Riders, a.k.a. Leather Slug. I spent the better part of a spring break vacation playing this game and NBA Jam with some friends. If you enjoy games like X-Men, TMNT, Rolling Thunder, or Metal Slug, you will find a lot to enjoy in Sunset Riders.

Below you will find a nice video taken from the arcade version of the game that was posted on YouTube.

Updates to this site might be less frequent over the next month or so. I am going to be moving far away later this week so I might not have as much time to post new scans or photos. If possible I will upload some new images before I leave and then try to post them here later. We will see! For the four or five of you who leave comments on this site or on Facebook, I have appreciated your feedback!