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Nintendo Promotional Videotapes

In the late 90s I received several videotapes in the mail from Nintendo for upcoming games on the N64. At the time I wasn’t a Nintendo Power subscriber but they still had my address. The videos are really goofy but do a good job of showing off the games.

Sunset Riders into the West

Today we have a nice box scan (from ZoneSega) of the Mega Drive port of Sunset Riders, a.k.a. Leather Slug. I spent the better part of a spring break vacation playing this game and NBA Jam with some friends. If you enjoy games like X-Men, TMNT, Rolling Thunder, or Metal Slug, you will find a […]

The Sega 32X

Today’s update is brief but I might add to it this evening. More mid-90s Sega stuff to share today courtesy of the Vintage Computing and Gaming blog and the Angry Video Game Nerd.

When I Wake Up – Wintergreen

This might be a little old by internet time, but the song and video are both great. Is there really a landfill full of E.T. games? The game’s designer believes that the cartridges would have been recycled into other games. That makes a lot of sense considering how much money was dumped into development of […]

Look Around You – Computer Games

This is a very informative video about the new “computer” gaming trend. Look for Peter Serafinowicz (voice of Darth Maul and Pete in Shaun of the Dead) at around 4:10.