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Category: Nintendo

Nintendo Promotional Videotapes

In the late 90s I received several videotapes in the mail from Nintendo for upcoming games on the N64. At the time I wasn’t a Nintendo Power subscriber but they still had my address. The videos are really goofy but do a good job of showing off the games.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Movie: The Game: The Instruction Manual

I might have rented this game from Superior Video back in the day. Look at that title screen. It’s terrifying. I have a couple of things to share tonight including a scan of the original manual for the game. If you think the game sounds bad just wait for the manual.

Waterworld on Virtual Boy and the Red Vectors of Madness

It’s Halloween so I’ve dug up something positively horrifying for this great holiday. I have never played this game but I remember it being one of the more quirky titles on the Virtual Boy (and that is saying a lot). I still own my Virtual Boy that I purchased with Christmas money in December of […]

The Power Glove

I found some Power Glove stuff that seemed like it would be worth posting. In addition to a clip from The Wizard you will find a TV ad, a few images, and a PDF link to the original Power Glove program manual. Enjoy!

TMNT, Beetlejuice, and WCW

Three scans this evening from the 1991 Batman Annual Armageddon 2001. I got this issue a few weeks ago from the Hero House at Fountain Square in downtown Indianapolis.